Online counselling also called as E-counselling is great for those people that to do not want to go face to face counselling. Today, technology is more advance and this is the reason why online counseling is really popular. The quality of video calling is much more better nowadays and this is also the reason why a lot of people prefer to have online counselling. 


Those people that always travel and have a complicated schedule but wants to get the benefits of counseling prefer to go to online counselling sessions. Those people that are sick or physically unable to go to the therapist office or those people that stay in a location that is far from the city are also those that prefer to go to online counselling in dubai sessions. If you are one of these people then online counseling is the best choice for you. Minors will need a parent consent if they want to get online counseling. The age consent actually depends on the location of the counselor.


All you need to have is a high speed internet connection and a laptop or a desktop computer.

If you will make use of a desktop computer then you need to buy a webcam and a microphone. Once you have these things then you will just download the video software program that will be recommended by the counsellor. Once you are done downloading the software, the counsellor will give you his or her ID name, so you can connect with him or her in the program.


It is really important that you conduct a research first before you choose an online counsellor.

You need to make sure that the counsellor is accredited and has a good standing is associations. You should also check the educational background of the online counselor. You should also know the kind of counselling the counselor provides and his or her experience. You should make an appointment if you have found a counselor that you really want to work with. You might not have the same time zone with your counsellor, so you should set a day and time that will work for both of you. However a lot of counselor work within the schedule of their clients.


It is important that you have your counselling sessions in a quiet area in your home, so that there will not be any interruptions during your session. If you have people in your house then you should ask them to be quiet and not to disturb you. Turn off your gadgets.